Lila Estinilo

Lila Estinilo

I am an accredited event stylist of Edsa Shangrila and other well-known companies. I love to style and you can see the creativity and originality in all my work. Even before I started the business, I was already a creative and artistic person, so I found it fun to make decorations, or to paint designs on walls. Originally, I only decided to make decorations for my friends, for whatever party they needed it in. However, through word-of-mouth, other people started becoming interested to have our decorations on their parties. It was only then that I decided to put up a business. Unlike other companies, the decorations we make are actually hand-made, by us, and not from a supplier unlike the others. And yes, we will probably never depend on suppliers anytime soon. There are just so many advantages that making your own products actually bring. Things like cheaper costs, having an actual identity, better quality control, and easier customization to the customers’ wants; it all matters if you wanna be a notch better than your competitors.

Professional Experience

Studied at: Our Lady of Fatima University, and San Jose High School. Location: Las Piñas; Experience:
Owner of Throwing a Party. No formal education in styling but I have a natural gift for it.