Perlie Yang- Reyes

Perlie Yang- Reyes

I’m Perlie Yang Reyes. I’m living in Las Pinas. I’m currently teaching Chinese Language in all levels. I’m teaching Fookein Mandarin. Coming from a half Filipino-Chinese, it is quite hard to learn the language. The reason why I teach and learn the language is that in would give me an advantage. I’m a Filipino Chinese, I can speak Tagalog, Filipino and Chinese. I hope to see you in my class.

Professional Experience

I am a part time teacher for a different company. I'm an executive and business owner and now studying Bachelor of Arts Psychology ( education at Ama University). I graduated BS computer science at STI College. And also had an early childhood certificate open to study guide. I worked as a part time Chinese language trainer of Gowrie Victoria. I worked as a full time mandarin teacher at Animo skills Training and Development. I was the processing executive chinese sales and marketing manager at Divine grace Child development Center Asia pacific bank.