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My son was getting bullied a lot, and obviously I didn't like what was happening. Using BigBenta Service Booking, I found a "Buhawi" Martial Arts instructor that I really liked. Because of his expertise in the arts, and because he was already a long-standing martial arts instructor, he already has the fundamental techniques that he gladly taught my son. Because of him, my son is now more confident and has a greater presence in his school, since he can stand up for himself now. Thanks a lot BigBenta!


After a long hard day's work sitting in the office and struggling to meet deadlines, both my mental and physical state is just drained. So naturally, I would call a masseuse to give me a massage, which is not easy as I would sometimes get a "busy" tone. But with BigBenta's service bookings, I can book and schedule a massage online! My favourite therapist is Mhellen who is very professional and knows the right technique to relieve me of my back pains. This booking service is definitely very convenient!


There are several guitar teachers out there that are capable of teaching me. So the big question from my friends, often goes like this: why choose BigBenta teachers over the others! Firstly, I choose BigBenta because their teachers always come to whatever appointment you schedule. Though I only call my guitar teacher to come at whatever time I wish within his service hours, he always makes an appearance. Another reason would be is that there teachers are all very professional. Normally, most teachers I deal with appear very bored, and only teach me for the sake of the money. However, BigBenta teachers are not like that! They not only motivate you, but also try to make an effort to make learning the guitar fun! It is because of Bobby Orquina that I look forward to playing guitar on a daily basis.

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